Pro-Fly Tube Flies 

Pro-Fly is one of the leading manufacturers of tube flies in the world. At Pro-Fly we believe in innovation based on experience and we pride our self of being a world leader in both design and quality manufacture of Tube Flies.  Pro-Fly Tube Flies have been tested extensively in Europe and South America and they continue to produce excellent results in Iceland, Russia, Argentina, Scotland and Scandinavia – all great fly fishing countries.

Durable Construction

From the very start of Pro-Fly (est. 1999) our main focus has been on tube flies which are tied up on a tube instead of a standard hook shank. We have our tube-bases especially made for us from nylon, aluminum and brass, depending on the weight desired for any fly-fishing situation. One of the desirable factors of fishing with a tube fly is that you have more control over the speed of the fly in the river and how far down it sinks without having to change the fly-line.

Unique Designs

We specialize in Atlantic salmon and sea trout patterns and we’ve have had many successful years selling quality tube flies. Many of our patterns are our own design and not available from any other company around the globe. Hook size and style can be varied for whatever circumstances you are fishing. Single, double and treble hooks are all possibilities. Since the hook is not a part of the tube there is no chance of the hook rusting before the fly has seen its end.

We supply many of the best fishermen in world. 

We are proud to have many regular and repeat customers. Pro-Fly focuses on selling tube flies wholesale to individual retailers all over the world.  We offer personal service and work closely with our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the attentive service to anyone wanting fishing flies, whether ordering thousands of tube flies or just a few.

On-line Catalogue

We are constantly upgrading our catalogue (now online) which consists of traditional European patterns as well as our own special designs. Many of our traditional styles have furthermore been recreated with special features you will not find anywhere else.

Fully Guaranteed

Our tube flies are extremely durable and well constructed and we guarantee all our products 100 percent. If you are not completely satisfied with your Pro-Fly tube flies we offer a full refund upon return.

We can’t promise you’ll catch bigger fish with Pro-Fly tube flies, but we guarantee they’ll improve your chances.