Asgeir E. Thordarson

Asgeir has always been a keen fisherman. At the age of six he could always be found at the end of the pier catching sole and pollock. His mother maintains that his first complete sentence was: “Go fish sole”.

As a teenager, Asgeir attended the Reykjavik Technical College. After trying out electronics and wood-cabinetry, he realized this wasn’t for him and quit, and soon enrolled into the Navigation School of Reykjavik. He earned his Certificate as a Navigation Officer in due course.

Asgeir was a seaman for close to 30 years, where he spent most of his time thinking up and designing new flies which proved succsesful and out-fishing the most popular flies of that time.

Fly fishing has always been Asgeir’s passion. When he retired as a Captain he became the number one guide at Lax-A, Iceland’s foremost organizer of salmon fishing trips. His knowledge and passion for the sport of fly fishing makes him the ideal guide for fly fishermen who seek novelties: Asgeir’s experience is a valuable investment when fishing in Iceland. He covers all styles of fishing with satisfied fishermen who praise this innovative and passionate fly fisherman.